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Heliotot was founded by two sisters who have loved picture books all their lives. We hope to deliver exceptionally well-illustrated and thoughtfully written books for children that not only entertain, but help develop social skills and other interests.

​Leah Wells (front of rocking horse) is a musician and educator in New York City. Her movement activity book, Games That Sing, was published in 2011 by Heritage Music Press. In 2012, she was the winter web feature of CEA. In 2014 she founded Heliotot with her sister, Naomi Rosenblatt (back of rocking horse). Working daily with children, Leah felt that certain kinds of books would help teachers focus a restless classroom better than others. She also wanted to share her love of music, and help young students understand musical notation. In 2015, Naomi and Leah teamed up with agent Ronnie Herman and are undertaking the Heliotot Paperback Reprint project.



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